google results without the annoying affiliate links

What's this site all about?

Please see the About Page

Google appears to include results from sites you've blocked...

Yes. Yes it does. Grrrr.

It seems that different Google servers use different algorithms and support different advanced search options. In order to fit in as many sites as possible, I've had to use the syntax "-inurl:(site1|site2|site3...)" which, whilst working a lot of the time, doesn't work *all* of the time.

Until I can find a reliable method to block sites, or until Google starts interpreting advanced search strings in a repeatable manner, there's not much point me developing this site any further.

Thanks to everyone for your input, ideas, toolbars, support, etc, etc. This site will stay up (hundreds of you use it every day - yay!), but I probably won't put any more sites in, or respond to much email.

I've found another annoying site: can you block it please?

Email any site you think should be removed from search results (or any site that should be let back in) to

See FAQ on Google above

What are your criteria for removing a site from search results?

Basically, if a site is purely a comparison site, with no extra useful information, it gets removed from results. I may expand on this in future, depending on popular demand.

Can I put a site back into my search results?

If you include the name of a site within your search query (e.g. "canon camera pixmania pricerunner"), then those sites will be put back into your search results. Thanks to Charlie for the idea.

Can you make this into a Firefox/Safari/IE plugin?

Update: There is now a bookmarklet available on the advanced search page - this will work in any browser.

No. I've no idea how :) If someone else either wants to make a plugin, or incorporate this into a greasemonkey script, let me know!

Can you remove the ads from search results?

No. To do that would require this site to get the Google results for you, process them to remove ads, then display them. This is contrary to Google's T&Cs, and also a little unfair (since Google makes its money from the ads). At least the paid-for ads are pretty obviously ads and don't clog up the search results.

But sometimes the ads get it really wrong.

Indeed they do: as can be seen here.

Where did you get the idea for this site?

B3TA (specifcally newsletter 166).

What's "Advanced search" going to be?

Hopefully I'll get suggestions for sites to block from people around the world: then I'll let you choose your country, and block the appropriate sites for you.

There could be other options as well: email ideas to

Who wrote this site?

Me. Oliver Humpage. I live in Bristol, UK.